Perseus, as a comprehensive tool, supports you in both areas Management and Security.
PERSEUS Advanced Security delivers patent-pending auto-containment, where unknown executables and other files that request runtime privileges are automatically run in a virtual container that does not have access to the host system’s resources or user data. They run just as well as they would on the host system, making it seamless from the end-user perspective, but they cannot damage or infect the native system.


Zero Trust Architecture

Safely and instantly interact with unknown executables housed in Auto-Containment until a verdict is returned

Unknown file verdicts are returned 95% of the time in under 45 seconds

Lightweight Client: 1% of CPU & 80MB of RAM

Dedicated Team of Security experts to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover Threats

Lower costs in terms of staff, technologies, and time spent

Periodic evaluations

The first line of defense

Secure Corporate Internet Browsing: Block users from visiting malicious websites

Bulletproof web browsing: Auto-Containment technology protects against known and unknown web threats

And many more...

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